Guidelines for Sessions

Guidelines for Sessions

Simposia (90 minutes) & Courses (45 minutes)

  1. Choose Arial 10 points as font
  2. In the title, specify symposium or instruction course. Only the first letter of the first word in the title should be capitalized, except in cases of proper names, for example Pan-American Glaucoma Society. Minimum two speakers for an instruction course
  3. Specify sponsoring society, university, hospital or ophthalmology department
  4. Coordinator(s) name without titles: MD, PhD, affiliations etc.
  5. Speakers: schedule, title of presentation and complete name without titles: MD, PhD, affiliations etc. If case presentations, just speaker name and time allotment
  6. Discussion, conclusions or final remarks and time allowed
  7. Symposium / course description (optional) 100 words maximum
  8. Submit your session information to Ricardo Trigo, Co-Chair of the Scientific Program Committee ( no later than Saturday, October 13, 2018. The deadline will be strictly enforced.


Instruction course: Corneal imaging for the general ophthalmologist

Sponsored by: Pan American Cornea Society


Coordinators: Michael Belin, Alberto Haber


Basic principles of corneal image acquisition – 8 minutes

Alberto Haber

Corneal topography – 8 minutes

Damien Gatinel

Scheimpflug system corneal Imaging – 8 minutes

Michael Belin

High resolution OCT – 8 minutes

Dennis Cortes

Summary and conclusions – 13 minutes


This course will present the general ophthalmologist a review of the latest technology for corneal analysis, with emphasis on the most useful clinical applications of each modality

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