Keynote Lectures

Dr. Brenda Gallie

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AJO Lecture

Saturday, 25 May 11:15 am, Auditorio

Brenda Gallie MD FRCSC CM OOnt

ZERO deaths from rare cancer in babies’ eye(s): a global pilot project

Dr. Eduardo C. Alfonso

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Moacyr E. Alvaro Pan-American Lecture

Sunday 26 May 11:15 am, Auditorio

Eduardo C. Alfonso MD

What I Have Learned From Many Years About the Fungus Among Us

Dr. Gabriela Palis  

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Gradle Lecture

Monday, 27 May 11:15am, Auditorio

Gabriela Palis MD

Las residencias oftalmológicas en América Latina

(Ophthalmology residency programs in Latin America)