Gabriela Palis MD

Dr. Ana Gabriela Palis graduated as a medical doctor in Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1992. She completed her education in Ophthalmology at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and her Professorship in Medicine at Universidad del Salvador.

She is currently Associate Professor in Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Chair of Education at the Department of Ophthalmology, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, and Director of the Postgraduate Specialization in Ophthalmology Program at Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires.

She is actively involved in the International Council of Ophthalmology as a member of its Board of Trustees, is Editor-in-Chief of the Center for Ophthalmic Educators, and coordinator of Resources for Teaching the Teachers. She has worked in several educational programs for the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology. She is a member of the Argentinian Council of Ophthalmology Accreditation Committee for the Argentinian Secretariat of Health.

She has been a reviewer for several medical journals, has published and/or presented over 70 scientific studies, presented over 460 lectures, and chaired, coordinated and tutored over 110 courses, workshops and symposia.

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